Ontario Long Exposure workshop

Do you sell prints? Looking for images to pitch to magazines, or be a featured artist on Instagram? Or how about wanting a workshop where you can come home with perfect postcard images? I want to offer to you some of the most creative photographic opportunities possible in Ontario. We will be creatures of low light and the night hours doing what we love!

(Skill level)

This workshop is designed to host amateur to professional photographers. I will be teaching you from scratch no matter your skill level, we need the building blocks of the foundation to make inspiring images that pop off the canvass

(Gear Requirements)

Camera, Stable Tripod, lens that range between 12mm to 70mm, 24-70 will be a ideal lens, Shutter Remote, ND filters 3,8,10 stops required, Laptop for editing with Photoshop installed (if you don’t know how to use photoshop I will teach you step by step), Most of all a creative mind.

Toronto Skyline image Chris Pepper

Day 1,

We will begin our workshops with a pick up at Toronto Airport by noon, if you are already at a hotel we can pick you up on our way to our first destination. Our workshop will start at Niagara Falls, here we will get you settled in as a group to your hotel followed by a dinner downtown. After a brief introduction accompanied by good food we will grab our gear and head out shortly after dinner. Our focus will be the downtown core and the famous Niagara Falls. Here I will help you with composition techniques, basics of capturing light in a night scape as well how to manage a long exposure. We will be on foot tonight so being able to walk up and down hills and standing for long periods will be expected.

Day 2, Its up early today as we will be focused on capturing some nice first light along the falls and hopefully some nice light on the city. After we will be having some breakfast and grabbing our bags as we are out of this spot and onto the next! From here we will head out closer to Toronto, our focus will be on photographing some waterfalls using filters to help us achieve some nice smooth long exposures. If its a sunny day I will get you to your hotel to rest before going out in lower light to achieve our images. After we will grab a nice dinner and head back out to photograph some great spots along the shores of Burlington and surrounding area in the night.

Day 3, Today we are up early to a spot along the water for sunrise, we will aim to be there well before the sunrise so we can work on some real long exposures without filters, working into blue hour using filters to help create streaking sky’s and smooth water. After we will grab some breakfast and discuss how we are all doing and if we are struggling with any concepts. After we will rest for the day at our hotel, this will give us time to clear the cards and put up our feet before tonights shoot. We are off to the CNE, one of Ontario’s largest fairs with tones of rides and games for people of all ages. This year will be the 125th anniversary of the Ferris wheel. Here I will help you achieve images that make the rides look like something outer worldly.

Day 4, The sleep in, you will need your rest this morning as we have a big day planned for you. Today we will be right smack dab in the downtown core, you will have the chance to photograph many districts today, we will use all the light we can as we will start off at graffiti alley, here people display their art along the walls of a famous district. Some pieces may be small and others may be just massive. Capturing this with your camera can be fun, as well appreciating other artist work. From here we will head to the distillery district, creating cityscapes, long exposures of busy areas to make them appear empty, blurred techniques of people walking with somebody static in our image. After our long day we will head back to the hotel, drop off our gear, throw the batteries on the charger and again have a nice dinner at a local restaurant. After we will grab our gear and head out to be creatures of the night, stopping at iconic areas for downtown shots, as well taking a ferry out to the island to work on some skyline images. We will work around trying out different compositions, different techniques from a few locations. Depending on how the group feels we will cross back to the main land and work on some different areas for more night shots.

Day 5, Today grab a big tea or coffee because its editing day. We will spend the majority of the day as a group working on our images. Here I will help you take your great images to the next level, popping out detail that make your images stand out from the rest. I will also help you with techniques on how to approach companies, magazines and other media outlets to help get exposure for your images.