Winter Owl Photo Tours 

Snowy Owl Photo tours

Snowy Owl

“The White Ghost”

We are lucky to see as many Snowy Owls as we do in Ontario. Their small golden yellow eyes will captivate you as they look out over their fields. To see one in the wild is an exhilarating feeling, lets make that happen for you.

Saw whet owl tours North of 49 Photography

Saw Whet Owl

This little owl is not the easiest owl to find. They are about the size of an iPhone and blend into their surroundings really well. I must admit Saw Whets are about the cutest owl out there.

The eye.jpg

Screech Owl

The Screech Owl is another small owl, timing is key to see one. I know of many trees these guys reside in, lets hope for a sunny day as thats the best time to see them.

Great Horned Owl tours North of 49 photography

Great Horned Owl

Great horned owls have a very distinct call, they are very active hunters in the winter and look for a mate in the late winter to spring. Here we can find them near their nesting areas watching us from above.

Great Grey Owl Tours North of 49 photography

Great Grey

Ahhhh the Great Grey, this owl can be another tough one to spot. They really blend into the dormant winter trees keeping very still. They can be very interested in people at times often flying to you to get a better look.

A gallery of some of the Owl species we can find in Ontario.

Secondary species we may find in our travels during the winter months.

What to expect during your tour

I want to start off by explaining our code of ethics for our Winter Owl Tours. We will not bait owls for your photographic pleasure, so if this is what you want you can go look for another tour operator. We will not harass Owls, modify habitat or trespass on private property. I have spoken to a few property owners in the areas I see Owls frequent and have been given permission by the land owners to photograph them. If we see an owl on a property that I do not have permission to be on I will either ask the land owner or we will respect them by staying off their property. Anybody not complying to these terms will be sent back to their place of pick up and no deposit will be refunded.

If we come across a person baiting owls we will not voice our opinions to them, harass or take pictures of them for social media slander. I will not be a part of this big “baiting” debate that seems to happen each winter. I’m out there to show you the Owls in their natural habitat and enjoy being outside with like minded people.