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Welcome to North of 49 Photography!

Please take a moment to watch our video to find out, who we are and what trip best suites you.


North of 49 Photography offers Canadian Photo and video Tours and Workshops for enthusiasts that want to explore all that Canada has to offer through their lens.

At North of 49 Photography we pride ourselves in making sure our clients have great workshops. All our instructors are approachable everyday people who are there to get you in the right place at the right time to bring home that keeper shot for your portfolio.

From the Western shores of Vancouver Island, to the lighthouses on the Eastern Coast of Newfoundland, and far North beyond the Arctic Circle. Each tour and workshop is designed with the photographer in mind.

Northern Lights Workshops


Have you ever dreamed of standing in Northern Canada while the lights dance over your head?

Being memorized wondering how something so beautiful can be happening before your very eyes? 


Join me on one of our many journeys we offer!



Northern Lights tours North of 49 photography

Canadian lynx photography workshops.jpg

Canadian Wildlife Workshops


Are you looking to photograph big Cats, Wolves and Coyotes,Black and Grizzly Bear, Moose, Caribou or Elk?

How about a breaching Orca whale, or a humpback bubble feeding right before your very eyes?

Birds....... Oh do we have birds for you! Common Loons, Puffins, Eagles, Northern Gannets, Snowy Owls, Great Grey Owls and more! 

Check out our new wildlife workshops.

 Landscapes Of cAnada Workshops


From Lighthouses and quaint maritime fishing villages off the most eastern shores of Canada.

To the Western shores of BC covered in lush green landscapes with mountain back drops, we offer it all. 

Landscape workshops in Canada

North of 49 Video Workshops

Video and Time-Lapse Workshops

Have you ever wanted to make a small video for yourself of a destination you visit? But don't quite understand what to do or when to do it. We have Professional Videographers on staff that can help you with exactly that.


Have you ever dreamed of making a short film of just time-lapse for a location. Wondering how to pick your music and match it up to cinematic footage with pans and zooms. 

Let us show you how its done so you bring home some epic footage from our uniquely picked locations!