Central Canada

This is our most diverse category. From the true prairie experience, of rolling canola fields and plethora of roaming wildlife in Saskatchewan. To witnessing majestic mighty Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba. And last but not least onto Ontario, where the crown jewel, 'Algonquin Park' resides. 



Saskatchewan offers a true prairie experience.

In the South, be prepared to see canola fields that go on for miles and miles. The simplicity of a huge field and big sky, can offer vibrant photos that captivate people with its minimalistic beauty.

Moving to the North, is Prince Albert Park. Here the landscape changes to vast meadows with spruce and birch trees galore. Black Bears, Bison and many Deer are always common photograph targets in the park. As well, on a clear night you have one in three odds of being able to witness a Northern lights displays.

Saskatchewan with all its rolling hills and plethora of roaming wildlife, offers a wonderful place to feel very small in the grand scheme of things.


Open spaces seem to stretch forever – gently rolling fields of grain and sunflowers and wildflowers reach all the way north to Arctic tundra.

The magnitude of this land is only fully appreciated while standing on the edge of a vivid yellow canola field counting three different storms on the horizon, or on the edge of Hudson Bay's rugged coastline counting polar bears while belugas play in the distance. Wander its empty roads, stop in its evocative little towns, find the subtle dramas in the land and expect surprises.


Ontario has such a diverse landscape that provides many eco-regions.

From South to North, we have the Carolinian Forest. A location that boasts over one hundred beautiful waterfalls and mixed vegetation, that offers spectacular fall color displays. Mixed Forests cover the south central and forty ninth parallel area, creating homes for many birds and animals. Such locations include, the famous Algonquin Park, a personal favorite location. The diversity across Ontario offers so many opportunities for the adventurous photographer, that enjoys varied natural backdrops.