Canada's West Coast

Visitors to Canada's West Coast should pack a long list of superlatives to deploy here. The words 'wow,' 'amazing,' 'gorgeous,' and, 'spectacular' will only go so far. Luckily, it's not too hard to instantly lower heart rates to tranquil levels, when you are around the mighty mountains, deep forests and dramatic coastlines that fill this extraordinary part of Canada.


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British Columbia

British Columbia is the kingdom of abundance. Where glaciated mountains stand over an unruly Pacific. Rain forests wrap cities. Nature shapes culture. The wild breathing life back into the wild within.

Together we will step into the land of the “Group of Seven” painters and capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. This area inspires renowned artists and artisans, who honor the magic of this land by bringing it into the physical realm. Add to that a climate that summons outdoor enthusiasts and photographers from all corners of the Earth.

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Yukon is home to Canada’s highest peak, the world’s largest non-polar ice fields, several Canadian Heritage Rivers and healthy, abundant wildlife. From the crimson carpet of the tundra in autumn, to the majestic mountain peaks and arguably the best northern lights viewing in Canada, the vast pristine wilderness of the Yukon beckons.

Yukon’s jaw-dropping natural features are what set this place apart. This is a land rich with dramatic mountain vistas, wild rivers and crystal clear lakes. Close to 80 per cent remains pristine wilderness.

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Alberta does lakes and mountains like Rome does cathedrals and chapels. For proof head West to Jasper and Banff, two of the world’s oldest national parks. Despite their wild and rugged terrain, they remain easily accessible. No one should leave without first laying their eyes on Lake Louise. Travel to the East, to view dinosaur encrusted badlands around Drumheller, South to the Crypt Lake trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, and North to spot bison in the vast, empty northern parklands. In the center of the province, the wheat blows and the cattle roam, here you will find historic ranches and sacred native sights.