New releases from Panasonic

New announcement from Panasonic


In the past people have looked at Lumix as just another camera in the market, but today they are known as leaders in an innovative market. Coming to the table in the past with 4k that has served many professional videographers as a tool that created inspiration without spending ten thousand dollars to have the equivalent. Travelers have walked to every corner of the earth with a Lumix in their pocket to photo document family trips, follow migrations and witness the beauty of light as it hits the world. Put all those equations together and you get a regular consumer right to a professional level of demand.


Through testing’s and reports this data is all received to turn around and give you the next product the market demands. In a competitive market manufactures need to come to the table with the next big-ticket item. I’m pleased to be working with Panasonic Lumix as the future for new product development will impress existing and new customers.


Please check out the links below for Panasonics new releases of the 200 f2.8 and the new G9. I have had the privilege to use this combo lens and camera in Vancouver for an hour this fall and loved it. Can’t wait until I can get one for my camera bag full time.