A Look Across Canada Shooting Lumix

Panasonic/Lumix photographers are starting to realize it's a brand that belongs in the hands of travellers and professional photographers. Let me take you on a journey across Canada and show you just how well this product stands up to high end DSLR's and other cameras in the market.

A Look Across Canada shooting Lumix With Canadian Lumix Storyteller Chris Pepper

The Presentation

A Look Across Canada will take you places in Canada that will make you want to travel. From wildlife to landscapes Chris will tell you how he got his shots and the settings he used to get them. 


The Gear

Indoor or outdoor we bring our products to you! We will have staff on hand to go through the latest and greatest cameras we have on the market. Go ahead, pick up a camera a try it out. We have the answers to all your questions.


The Speaker

Chris Pepper has been traveling across Canada with Panasonic Lumix for two years now. Speaking to photography clubs, Camera stores, Lumix customers and private groups. Sit back, relax and let him take you on a journey across Canada.