8:30 pm20:30

Seventh Club Meeting

Tonight is our first image feedback night. Your images that you submitted last week will will receive feedback from four separate photographers that teach photography.

The feedback is to be constructive and give you feedback on composition, lighting, angle photo was taken, focus, editing and printing options to make your photos better.

8:30 pm20:30

Sixth Club Meeting

Speaker: Stormtech

With XMas right around the corner, tonight is a night where we will introduce you to the winter lineup of clothing to help you stay warm and comfortable on your winter photo shoots.

As members you will be able to purchase clothing at our discounted rate that we have negotiated for you.

You will be able to try on, feel and ask questions about both technical wear, base layers and outerwear that will be brought in to show you.

Tonight is also the night you will bring in three images for next meetings image feedback session.

8:30 pm20:30

Fifth Club Meeting

Tonight is the night many of you have asked for... its a night to discuss how to shoot better video with your iphones and your DSLR.

We will discuss shooting techniques, the gear that can be used and show you some editing software that you can use to put your videos together at home.

8:30 pm20:30

Fourth Club Meeting

Speaker: Sigma Canada

Tonight is your night to see the complete line-up of Sigma Lenses and be able to ask questions regarding price, delivery, usage and quality.

We will discuss the new categories of lenses that were announced and some information on the new lenses just announced and the rumored lenses that are coming.

8:30 pm20:30

Third Club Meeting

Speaker: Len Silvester

Len will be coming to the meeting to discuss taking better wildlife and bird photos.

Through his vast history of photographing many bird species across Canada, Len has agreed to come in to discuss composition, camera settings, times and locations and gear he employs to take his wildlife and bird photography.

8:30 pm20:30

Second Club Meeting

Speaker: Kevin A. Pepper

Lets take a tour across Canada and look at the beauty of the Country we live in.

This presentation will be accompanied by a variety of photos with a teaching element when we look at every photo. Time of day the photo was taken, what was going through the photographers mind as he studied the image. The settings used to achieve the image. Editing that was done to the image... and a before and after look at the image.

8:30 pm20:30

First Club Meeting

Tonight we will go over the meeting schedule for the 2015 and 2016 calendar years

We will detail the nights where you can bring in your images and get constructive feedback on your photography.

We will explain how our workshops and group photo walks work, how to sign up and our destinations.

We will explain who is coming in to speak and what they will be discussing.

We will give all members their membership cards and list of discounts that we have negotiated with local companies and corporate sponsors in the photography and apparel industries.